R & D Facility Support

We support large corporation Facility and Laboratory Equipment needs. We understand the dynamics and needs of such facilities and how best to keep projects moving to improve long term stability and leverage technologies upgrades

R & D Facility Support

Albanese Solutions supports your R&D facility by ensuring laboratory equipment is supported and updated to keep up with technology and promote stability.  Additionally, we can assess Disaster Recovery plans and ensure systems will not be lost due to age, improper backups, and/or disorganization.  We understand how to keep your lab running smoothly including your facility systems need.

Laboratory Support

Alabanese Solutions will support your laboratory update plans, assess Disaster Recovery status, and provide on-site engineering services to assist your laboratory support teams.   We have the controls, mechanical integrity, and technical experts to support your efforts to keep your laboratory operations moving consistently with confident results repeatable over time.  We do remodels, equipment updates, safety reviews, and new equipment installs.  We understand that the new equipment/systems must match baseline data of the old equipment.  Then how to take updated systems, once verified to a baseline, into improved capabilities in operation, reliability, data reporting, and long-term sustainability.  Many times, these projects center around control system needs, but we can update field devices, address safety considerations, and meet process needs with our team of R&D equipment experts.

Solutions Tailored To Meet Your Needs

We can tailor a solution for you that meets your needs best.  It can be done through on-site resources to assist your present teams or by providing project quotes on identified projects for upgrade and/or new installations.  Some clients have used us to organize their site documentation on lab equipment, system architectures, and engineering files.  This can be of great value as you deal with system failures and support of these systems by technicians.  In some cases, we can fully take over the support responsibilities for clients and track progress through mutually agreed upon maintenance metrics and goals.  These situations allow us to right size departments, control costs, and improve accountability throughout the operation.

Free Assessments

Give us a call or email to set up a free assessment and we will strive to provide you with some good options for your R&D engineering & Service needs.

Habeeb Mohammed