Professional Consulting Services

Consulting you need that finds lost value in your process; technology solutions that leverage new innovations to propel your business.

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Consulting Services

Albanese Solutions will assess your areas of concern for free and provide you with an outline of how a solution from us would work. We are here to help and we are less concerned about billing hours, more concerned about understand and meeting your needs! Give us a shot.

Engineering Consultant Services

We provide cost effective engineered consulting services with which we leverage our years of industrial engineering and business experience.  We find practical solutions that deliver ROI and these solutions for us must greatly outweigh your costs.  We provide straight talk and are honest about your opportunities, our capabilities, and how we see a solution developing; call us to discuss….

Consulting Services For These Areas:

Discrete Manufacturing LEAN Initiatives, Preventative and Predictive Maintenance, Mechanical Integrity, Health and Safety Programs, Environmental training and programs, Continuous Process Improvements, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Standard Work Initiatives, Air Emissions Permitting, Plant Air Management and Industrial Hygiene Programs, Good Management Practice, Capital Budget Management, and beyond. 

Varied Industrial Experience

We have varied industrial experience and leverage our team to bring solutions and consultation that has a clear purpose, implementation, and assessment of results.  We will engage your teams and push them to engage with us so these solutions become your solutions ensuring your team buy-in to initiatives. We are ready for projects large and small;  we are budget sensitive and will remain focused on the project Scope of Work.  We employ a Plan-Do-Act-Check mentality and we look to help our clients grow in efficiency, job quality, and ROI.

Professionally Experienced Consultants

We have experienced Consultants that have been in industry for years and understand how things work.  We are not bound up by high overhead costs or large staffing pools that can cause projects to be drawn out and padded.  We operate independent from vendors and OEMs and we have deep networks in industry to allow us to provide you with the right solutions for your needs.  AS is a good mix of 20+ year experience/knowledgeable consultants and energetic, younger engineers full of initiative and fresh technology knowledge.  Our management understands how best to match the right consulting skill sets to maximize our efforts and your value on given projects and situations.