“Economical, High Quality Technical Performance. We match the Right Engineer with your need and support their efforts cost effectively!”

Why do we use it?

"Our AS team will become your team and strive to win together! Upfront clarification of project scopes and tenacious implementation to ensure final project delivery that satisfies"

Albanese Solutions (AS)

will fully review your project scope to create clear communications on project intentions and purposes.  From there detailed project implementation, inclusive of project schedules, task assignments, update frequencies, tracking metrics, etc., will ensure we deliver on-time and on-budget.

“Comprehensive Control System Design and Service. Disaster Recovery Assessments to assist with understanding vulnerable aspects and how best to backup critical control systems”


Albanese Solutions (AS)


has extensive experience managing maintenance departments and support functions, inclusive of the following: scheduling, PM programs, CMMS, Critical Spare management, Mechanical Integrity, Regulatory Compliance, E&I and Trade expertise, Parts Maintenance & Procurement, Predictive Maintenance (vibration, oil testing, thermal imaging, etc.), Program Management and Continuous Improvement Initiatives.